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Of Rats, Voles, and Online Porn

This article also appeared in Areo Magazine. Rats in a Skinner Box Rats wired up to electrodes, housed in an experimental Skinner box, continually press a button to give themselves powerful, pleasurable sensations. The rats go into a veritable lever-pushing frenzy, even when it means depriving themselves of food. Put the rat in a different […]

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Posted in News on 15th February 2019

What is therapy for?

A nice article on what psychotherapy is for, from the Book of Life. This article from Alain de Botton’s Book of Life beautifully illustrates the benefits of and various aspects to psychotherapy. It outlines how therapists might work and how they listen, how the relationship between therapist and client develops, and the accruing benefits such […]

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Posted in News on 31st January 2018

Every Irish family has a mental health problem

A recent article by Prof. Jim Lucey, head of St Patrick’s University Hospital, about the increase in mental health issues in Ireland in recent years. Read the full Irish Times article.

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Posted in News on 10th May 2017
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